SPCA of Mariposa

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SPCA of Mariposa County
5599 Hwy. 49 North
P.O. Box 671
Mariposa, CA 95338
Tuesday - Saturday
Adoptions: 10AM - 3PM
Yard Sale: 8AM - 3PM

Success Stories

On this page we will share happy stories from pet parents. Please email your animal rescue tale with a photo attachment to mariposaspca@sti.net. Maximum story length is 200 words, and please use the .jpg format for your photo. Thank you!

A letter from a happy owner:

Tan (aka Tanner) was adopted from the Mariposa SPCA about a year ago, when he was about 2 years old.  He was a very nervous boy, who wanted to please very badly. He hid under the bed if criticized in any way. He was housebroken, but made nervous mistakes. Slowly learning to trust his new forever family, he continued to always try to do the right thing. He has tried so hard that on May 4th he earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen degree and passed his Therapy Dog International evaluation. What a proud family he has now!

We had wonderful help from Gail Hawksworth for obedience training, and wonderful support from Therapy Dogs International, Fresno Chapter, as well.

Our thanks for this dog.
Judy Looby



Thought you'd like to know... Eric is doing great and the other dogs are adjusting to him just fine. The Border collie and he are having a blast playing together. He's almost housetrained, strangest thing I've ever seen, he wakes us up by crying to let us know he has to go..take him out, does his business, comes right back, pretty amazing. Enjoy the pictures.
Troy, Jan, and Teo

PS I've been taking him to work with me during the day, there's 2 other dogs at work (not mine) and he just chills at my feet under my chair and desk (he's also social), we are outside often (almost all the time), he travels well, he's really easy and mellow, so yesterday we gave him a new name, He is the ultimate mellow, chill out, easy going dog, hence the name Chilli.

     We are the new parents of calico cat 20, who is now named Brunhilde. She is a delightful little bundle of love and we are so glad to have her. I understand your nickname for her was Rotunda, because she is quite heavy, but we're happy to report she is getting exercise and has dropped some weight. We expect that over time she will be normal size again, especially since she is more and more playful and goes outside into our yard with the other cats for a few hours on sunny days.
     She still needs to learn how to assert herself with our two males, who sometimes stalk her, but we have the situation under control and are confident this will work out. Fortunately, she is calm and collected and doesn't let things disturb her.
     Thank you so much for keeping and taking care of Brunhilde for us; we are truly grateful to have her in our family.